Don’t Leave Home Without Your Coupons

Have you ever spent time flipping through your local newspaper or Family Coupons Magazine to find savings at your favorite restaurant, store, or automotive repair shop, only to leave them at home? Do you find yourself asking: “Why do I bother?”, “Were the potential savings worth it?”, “How can I make sure I never forget my coupons?”

We have asked around, and the savings are well worth the effort to clip! From just one magazine, in one month alone, a local homeowner saved over $100. And it’s possible to save more than that if you keep your coupons close. What can you do with an $100 a month? That’s more groceries, it’s paying off more bills, it’s saving more for your family vacation, or it’s extra money to treat yourself to something you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

So how can you take advantage of all these savings? Many people we spoke to keep their magazine in the seat pocket or door of their car. Others keep them in their purse. These people snag the magazine from the mailbox as soon as they get home, and don’t even take it inside. They immediately flip through it, and put it in the “safe” spot where it is always handy.

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