Get the Best ROI from Your Direct-Mail Advertising

A consistent coupon advertising campaign can be one of the most effective ways for small businesses to grow. When looking to get a great return on your investment (ROI), it is important to effectively manage your advertising costs and increase your conversion rates.

What Affects the ROI of Any Direct-Mail Campaign?

  1. Junk Mail: Many people quickly shuffle through their mail and throw out anything that resembles “junk”. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Find a reputable advertising partner that knows how to work around this.
  2. Printing and Postage: This is the most expensive part of any direct-mail campaign. Whether you hire a professional printer, use your office printer, or use bulk mail rates through the USPS, there is no good way to cut costs by yourself. The average per page cost of printing from your office printer is roughly 5-14¢. And postage can be up to 49¢ for each piece depending on your negotiated rates with the USPS. And then there is the cost of your time and paper to manage a direct-mail campaign on your own.
  3. Paper, Design, and Size: Anyone sorting through mail is expecting an experience, whether they realize it or not. When selecting which mail to pay attention to, people are looking for something that feels and looks different from everything else. Paper, size and design all play a factor in getting noticed. Experienced marketers understand this, and we can help you.

Getting a Good ROI

Partnering with experts in the direct-mail business is the most cost-effective method for reaching all of your target audience and exceeding your ROI. The Family Coupons Magazine offers brand recognition that keeps people from throwing your advertisement out. 83% of people say that the Family Coupons Magazine is better than other coupon mailings they receive, and 63% of recipients keep their magazines around for more than 6 weeks. We work with the USPS and our partners to pick targeted distribution routes that will give you the ROI you want, and we can put your advertisement in a home or business for approximately 2¢.

Push VS Pull Advertisements

Understanding the difference between these two marketing strategies can make all of the difference in your ROI, whether you partner with a direct-mail business like the Family Coupons Magazine, or venture off on your own. LS Direct Marketing, Inc. recommends developing coupon campaigns that push a desirable offer out to potential customers rather than a coupon that attempts to pull customers in. The best example of this would be a coupon that offers a price discount on a popular product or service rather than a free item just for walking through the door. A price discount on a product or service will earn you a sale. Whereas a free item with no purchase necessary doesn’t provoke a sale from a consumer, it only pulls them into your business.

Direct-Mail Best Practices

There are other best practices when it comes to creating a campaign or an ad. It’s important to work with a business that has experience with direct mail. This ensures that you get the best return on the dollars you spend. And when you have a small business, every dollar saved and earned is a success.

To learn more about direct-mail best practices or to partner with Family Coupons to experience more growth in your business, contact us.