Direct Mail and Email Campaigns SHOULD Work Together

Why Should You Integrate Direct Mail into Your Current Email Campaigns?

With so many different types of advertising out there, it’s easy to wonder which one is best for your business. And, with our society becoming more technologically advanced, it’s easy to forget about direct mail.  However, as most of us know, email campaigns are becoming less about communicating and more about spammy ads we will never click on. Facebook is becoming more about sharing recipes and political views than any real original content. And with search engines, who really knows what ad words are or SEO really is? It’s so hard to trust the things we read on a screen. In fact, 56% of consumers think print marketing is the most trustworthy of all marketing channels. (source)

Direct mail has long been used not because of convenience, but because it’s effective.  How many people do you know without a mailbox?  While it isn’t illegal, we couldn’t name a single person that doesn’t have a mail receptacle.  You can literally reach any age, gender, or income through direct mail.  Many think direct mail only reaches the baby boomers, or older generation but studies show 57% of millennials have made purchases base on direct mail offers (source: USPS). And a whopping 73% of consumers say they prefer direct mail for brand communications because they can read the information at their convenience. (source).

Many of us wake up and immediately see that red bubble by the envelope just blinding us. Hopefully it’s nothing pressing from the office…more likely it’s emails from businesses you bought something from 10 years ago that required an email for checkout and you have yet to opt out of the emails.  One of these days, before you immediately delete the emails, you’re actually going to unsubscribe from all of them so you don’t have to do this dance every morning.

That is the reality for a lot of email campaigns. And while we aren’t saying to completely get rid of your email campaigns, maybe don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  Using the two channels (direct mail and email campaigns) results in an up to 35% lift vs a single channel for your business. (source:IWCO).  Developing on ongoing schedule with both your direct and email marketing is crucial. One of the reasons our publication is so successful is the timing and frequency of the mailings. Keep that in mind when planning out your marketing campaigns for the year. 

So while our email inboxes are filling up with spam or another to-do list from our boss, our mailboxes are something more whimsical. We walk to the mailbox, wave to our mailman, and go through the mail while we walk back up the driveway.  And when the Family Coupon Magazine arrives, we look through it to see which hot deals local businesses are offering this time around.  Then, we save it to pick which restaurant we’re going to for date night, family breakfast Saturday morning, or use it to call a local repair company or contractor.