Include Coupons in Envelopes

coupons in envelopes with cash

It’s no secret that we all receive coupons in the mail, email or online, and then inevitably leave them behind when we need them most. It’s especially difficult when this happens and you’re on a budget. Consider putting coupons in envelopes with budgeted cash.

The Envelope System

If I can be honest, we aren’t good savers. And when we are shopping, we impulse buy a lot. We were introduced to the envelope system a while ago, and it’s been a lifesaver for our household.

In the wake of a pandemic, many homes are operating on a budget and needing to pinch pennies whenever possible. We personally have found a method that works well for our household, and never lets us forget our coupons when we are running errands.

We know this system won’t work for everyone. BUT, we want to share in case it may help you.

The best way we found to keep our coupons close and use them regularly…keep coupons in envelopes with our budgeted cash. That means, when I need to grocery shop, I grab my envelope and it already has my coupons in it. If I need cash to pay the plumber, I grab the envelope and it has coupons from the Family Coupons Magazine in it. Same goes for the date night envelope, keep restaurant coupons in it, and you won’t forget them.

What about everything else in your Family Coupon Magazine that you didn’t put in your envelopes? More tips here.