The Power of Ten Touch Points

If you’ve been in sales, you’ve heard it takes 10 touch points before a customer will trust you and ultimately buy whatever it is you’re selling. If you haven’t been in sales, let’s just say a sale rarely happens at the first touch point.

Sales Potential Increases with Exposure

Clearly, it takes a lot of exposure to get your message across. And, a touch point can be a variety of things.

Expand Your Marketing to Include More Touch Points

  • A cold call–in person or over the phone
  • A direct mail piece
  • A Billboard
  • A TV commercial
  • A Radio Ad
  • An e-mail newsletter
  • A social media post

The list above could go on and on, but those are just examples of some of the more popular touch points we see today. The obvious problem with some of these is the cost, because not everyone has the budget for a billboard, let alone a TV commercial.  Another problem with those touch points is consistency. You can’t have months or even years between touches, because a customer will forget about the previous ones.

These concerns are some of of the reasons our magazine has been so successful. It is a consistent publication that continually gets in front of thousands of people, monthly. If that isn’t consistency, we don’t know what is.  

And, many of our readers keep their magazines close at hand for quick reference. So, you can reach your 10 touches in a short span of time, even without doing any other marketing/advertising.  Medical offices, service centers, and some stores also tend to leave our magazines out for customers. So, not only are you reaching customers directly through their mailboxes, but also while they are out doing their daily routine. 

If you pair advertising in the Family Coupons Magazine, with some of the other touch points above, you will have the opportunity to significantly increase your sales. Partner with us to build a comprehensive marketing plan that includes several touch points to grow your business. Contact us to start increasing your sales.