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coupons in envelopes with cash

Include Coupons in Envelopes

It’s no secret that we all receive coupons in the mail, email or online, and then inevitably leave them behind when we need them most. It’s especially difficult when this happens and you’re on a budget. Consider putting coupons in envelopes with budgeted cash. The Envelope System If I can be honest, we aren’t goodContinue reading “Include Coupons in Envelopes”

360 Approach to Marketing

Integrated Marketing. Holistic Marketing. Coordinated Marketing. Whatever you want to call it, the basic idea is the same-coordinating your marketing message between your print and digital advertising, billboards, commercials, and social media. Your messaging across everything should be consistent. The Internet now poses a unique and different challenge to business owners. It is the onlyContinue reading “360 Approach to Marketing”

Branding VS Marketing

In the most basic of terms, branding is strategic, marketing is tactical. Branding needs to come before and be the base for any marketing effort. It is the expression of truth or value of what any organization, product or service is or is not. A brand will help pull people into buying a product, andContinue reading “Branding VS Marketing”

How to Establish a Brand

A solid and differentiated brand is one of the most important elements to any business. It’s the promise you will stand on, the message that keeps your customers coming back for more. Defining your brand is a long journey. Sometimes it will take weeks, other times months, sometimes a year or more. It’s difficult, timeContinue reading “How to Establish a Brand”

What is Branding?

In the ever-increasing competitive markets of small business, an edge is more important than it ever has been. That edge? Branding. The purpose of branding is to establish a significant and differentiated stance in your community and industry that will attract and retain loyal customers. But many people often ask, what is branding? I haveContinue reading “What is Branding?”

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